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“Everyone Has a Story” – The Two Wendy/Wendi Frankes

Onalaska, WI (WXOW) — Wendy Franke and Wendi Franke say there were lots of clues that their worlds were about to collide starting over a decade ago.

"I first realized there was someone else named Wendy Franke when I would go to a local hospital and I go to the clinic and every time I would go in there they would say is this your social security number.  This was before HIPPA," said Wendy Franke.

The mix ups were becoming so common that they even got each other’s lab results. Wendi Franke even received news that Wendy Franke was pregnant.

"The interesting part about that is I wasn’t in any sort of relationship at that point and so my first thought about this miraculous conception was really," said Wendi.

"We have the same middle name. We’re only a year and a month apart in age, our daughters are only a year and a month apart.  Their lunch accounts would get confused at school," said Wendy.

"Our dads birthdays are only a couple days apart. We both have the black lab large mixes that are identical and we both have two small dogs.  Her dogs name is Gary Franke and that’s my dad’s name. Our senior pictures are identical, you can’t tell us apart," said Wendi.

Wendi says while all the confusion can get a little taxing there is an upside.

"I remember years back there was an article in the newspaper that featured Wendy about her work with the Red Kettle Campaign and that whole week people I work with it were saying how do you have time," said Wendi.

While the two women say they were brought together by a common name they admit to having bonded over much different things.

"My mother is only 65 but she’s very sick and she’s been in a nursing home for a long time.  She has mental illness," said Wendy.
"She had some stuff shipped up here, a keepsake chest and there were all these momentos from her childhood, said Wendi.

"She stayed up with me the whole night reading all this stuff.  So it’s just those kind of things," said Wendy.

The two agree while having the same name has certainly made for a good story it’s all the things in between that’s made for a great friendship.

"We even talk about retiring together. We seriously talk about retiring somewhere warm together.  It’s like finding long lost family," said Wendi.


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