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Everyone Has a Story: Kathy KasaKaitas, caring for all creatures

Caring for creatures has always been a passion for Kathy KasaKaitas. There’s not a single one that doesn’t get the care and attention she thinks it deserves. From the teeny tiny to the unusual ones.  Kathy has dozens of bats in her care right now.  

"They eat when they are flying. We have to hold them and teach them how to eat," said Kathy.

The bats will stay at the Coulee Region Humane Society before being released back outside.  Kathy is CRHS’s Animal Control Supervisor.  Her official title is "Rescue Supervisor" but her day to day job can bring about anything.  The most common call is typically about a dog running loose.

"So we just head to that direction where the dog was last seen and kind of zig zag through that street and the alley," said Kathy.

Her favorite assignment though is helping wildlife especially birds like eagles and hawks.

"This one got hit by a car and had absolutely no use of its feet when it came in. They were just dangling there. I didn’t think it was gonna make it actually," said Kathy.

And like every job, there is a down side.  Kathy says neglect and abuse cases are quite common and tough to deal with.  Still she’s optimistic.

"Most people love animals.  It’s a lack of education I think on a lot of levels that the people are struggling with of the care of certain animals that they’re unaware of," said Kathy.

At the shelter, Kathy is known as the cat whisperer.

And at CRHS, there is not shortage of them.

"It’s just noon and this is our third one and she’s pregnant," said Kathy.

Kathy grew up on a dairy farm in Goodman, Wisconsin two hours north of Green Bay and credits her upbringing with teaching her to appreciate  all living things. She graduated with a degree in education and uses that to teach kids about proper animal care.

"I think you can teach them to a point to understand and respect but when you get to sheltering and wildlife rehabilitation and animal care of any field it’s in your blood," said Kathy.

To learn more about the unique programs offered at the Coulee Region Humane Society go to There are special adoption deals, information on making a donation and ways to volunteer.  There is also an abundance of animals needing forever homes.


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