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Pickleball is the new craze in the Coulee Region

Pickleball is known as the fastest growing sport in America, and the Coulee Region has jumped on the bandwagon. The Onalaska YMCA,as well as the Oak Park pickleball courts have been quite busy throughout the past year. 

"Right now we have over 200 players playing in this area," USAPA Pickleball Ambassador Jan Lucas said. 

The sport is for all genders and all ages. 

"70 year olds playing with their 12 year old grand kids, that is the kind of fun that this sport attracts," Lucas said. 

But why is everyone so addicted to this game? 

" Pickleball is a mix of tennis, bad mitten and ping pong," Lucas added. 

" It wasn’t hard to learn," Pickleball Enthusiast Jo Ann Wickizer said. " It was easy to learn. The rules weren’t difficult so everybody can play." 

" You meet some nice new people, and you can have competitive games as well as recreational, so it’s just a lot of fun," Pickleballer Mike Lenz said. 

In addition, many find it easier on their knees because it doesn’t require a whole lot of movement being that it is a smaller court. 

To find out more about how to play, where to play, and much more about the sport visit this website:


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