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Expecting La Crosse mom receives a special Mother’s Day gift

One expecting mom in La Crosse received a special type of Mother’s Day present on Sunday.

Julia Murphy gave birth to her son Jayden on the morning of Mother’s Day, just in time for the holiday.

Just weeks into Julia’s pregnancy Jayden’s due date was scheduled for May 13, but after initially going into labor on Thursday Julia was not expecting the holiday arrival.

"I was really hoping that we had him before or today because what better present do you get than the actual baby, becoming a mother on Mother’s Day," New Mother Julia Murphy elaborates.

The new arrival to the family also served as a gift to their extended family with Jayden’s father, Austin Kass, saying it was his gift to his own mother.

Austin has the remainder of this week off to spend time with Jayden, Julia has the next eight weeks off work and plans to spend it with the newest addition to their family.


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