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Recent La Crosse graduates decide life after college

With graduation complete for La Crosse colleges and universities, recent graduates now have to decide whether they want to find a job in the area or relocate for other opportunities.

After years studying finance at UW-La Crosse Anthony Korish is now a college graduate.

"It was a great time, I wouldn’t trade it for any other college experience," UWL graduate Anthony Korish discloses.

If he did trade in his college experience he may not have the same aspirations he does now.

"Eventually the hope is to have my own business and be able to make money for myself and provide for myself without having an 8-5 job," Korish elaborates.

Korish now works from home as the Sales Director at Forever Joint Tops in Portage, Wisconsin. That small-business experience will help him manage his own business one day.

"I do a lot of sales, a lot of traveling, a lot of networking, shaking-hands, things like that," Korish explains.

After spending the last four years calling La Crosse home, Korish is now putting all his belongings into boxes in search of new job opportunities.

"Because of what I do, the sales, the networking, needing to be around a little more people, centralized Wisconsin helps just with driving different places," Korish says.

He will soon call the Madison area home to be near Wisconsin’s economic hubs while his roommate Gabe Tudahl stays in the familiar waters of La Crosse.

"With the two hospitals there’s just unlimited possibility to move up and forward in the healthcare profession," UWL graduate Gabe Tudahl explains.

A recent graduate currently working at the Mayo Clinic, Tudahl says La Crosse provides what he needs to reach his goal of becoming a Physicians Assistant (PA).

"There both teaching facilities, so they go on to have PA training and other great health-care fields," Tudahl concludes.

According to a recent UW-Madison study, approximately 60% of college graduates currently living in Wisconsin were also born in the state. This statistic places the dairy state 8th highest in the US. With both recent graduates planning to stay in Wisconsin, they continue the state’s high post-college retention rates.

If you or anyone you know is in search of job opportunities in the La Crosse area contact the Workforce Development Center at (608) 789-5627.


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