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Wisconsin Health Atlas releases obesity map

44% of La Crosse residents ages 35-54 are obese.

That’s according to the Wisconsin Health Atlas; an organization that says they aim to help make Wisconsin the healthiest state by connecting local change-makers with data that informs and supports their health promotion efforts.

The group created an obesity rate information page using data collected from 2015 and 2016.

It features an interactive map of Wisconsin, organized by zip code, showing obesity rates from just under 16% to over 67%.

La Crosse health officials say there are ways to combat the higher obesity rates, even when your summer schedule starts to become hectic.

"We do have the opportunity to maybe pack more picnic lunches or picnic suppers, where the choices can be made at home," said Dr. Charles Peters, a pediatric consultant for the Mayo Clinic Health System. "[Those] choices can be, shall we say, healthier, more nutritious, and better balanced."

For more information on the research or to visit the interactive map, visit


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