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Livi Pappadopoulos is logging victories

Holmen’s Livi Pappadopoulos discovered logrolling when she was only eight years old. She rolled across the sport at the YMCA, and it was truly love at first sight. 

" I started getting really into it when I was about 11 years old," PappadopouIos said. " I was starting to get really good naturally, but at the same time I wasn’t doing as well in competitions as I wanted to. So, I started working really hard in practice, and every year since, I’ve started working a little bit harder." 

That hard work really payed off. Pappadopoulos won five Amateur World Championships from age 12 to 16. As of this year, she entered into the professional league winning her first tournament she competed in, the Midwest Logrolling Championships in Madison, Wi. 

" It’s dedication, you know," Pappadopoulos said. " It’s not just going out for a half an hour a couple times a week. It is about being able to be consistent with the training, nutrition is really important, sleep is important, getting everything you need in a day is really important to be able to become a great logroller. " 

Most people think logrolling is all about the balance, but in reality it is about the speed and strength. 

" You really want to be focusing on that speed and endurance and power because you’re not just standing there on the log waiting for the person to happen to fall off, you know it is a lot more about being able to strategize on how to get them off," Pappadopoulos said. 

Those strategies also depend on who she is competing against. 

" If I’m competing against someone I know has a lot more muscle than me and is a lot stronger than me, I am probably just going to try to ride it out, " Pappadopoulos said. " But, if it is someone that I know, they’re getting tired and they are maybe a little bit smaller than me, and I have that size advantage, then I will be able to use my strength." 

There is no question what she plans to do in the future. 

" I am going to logroll for the rest of my life, or at least as long as my body will let me," Pappadopoulos said. " I plan on competing professionally for as long as my body will allow me, and I would really like to see where I can take it." 

She is currently preparing for the U.S. Open next week in which she will be the youngest participant. Following that tournament, she will stay home for the Three Rivers Roleo and La Crosse Open. 


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