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Minnesota Attorney General candidate tours the state

Democratic candidate for Minnesota Attorney General Debra Hilstrom made a stop in La Crescent today hoping to share her message, let voters get to know her better, and explain her priorities.

One of the issues at the top of her list is health care.

"The attorney general’s office regulates non-profits. Insurance is a non-profit, and healthcare is run by non-profits. So making certain that people have access to health care and not just health insurance is going to be a really important job for the attorney general moving forward. I want to focus on bread and butter issues for Minnesotans, and make certain that they have a strong consumer advocate in that office," explained Hilstrom.

Hilstrom has served in the Minnesota House of Representatives since 2001 and was previously an assistant county attorney for Anoka County.

She is the only woman from the Democratic party running for the seat. There is also one woman running from the Republican party.

The primary election will be held on August 14th.


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