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Top Prep Runners Training in Winona

Over in Winona, Cotter high school is hosting forty of the top high school runners from across the country — and even some international runners. 

The camp features the Ping sisters, both already state champs, as well as Aidan Puffer, a 13-year-old from Connecticut who set the world record for a road race 5k for his age.

Grace Ping says the competition at camp is bringing out everyone’s best. 

"It’s super fun and definitely motivating," Ping said. "Especially to be doing it with a group of people who are very hard working and also put in the work."

"I see a lot of kids who are passionate about running, and learning about the smart way to train and be injury free," said Cailie Logue, and Iowa State runner who will compete at the World Championships. "A lot of stuff they’re learning while at this camp is going to help them a lot."

The camp has drawn kids from all across the globe, from as far away as Scotland. 


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