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Gnat population thrives in heat and humidity

People spending time outside this summer may have noticed what seems like an increase in gnats.

That is because, according to experts, the bugs thrive in heat and humidity.

Although gnats may be a nuisance, they serve a specific purpose in nature, pollinating plants and acting as a food sources for birds and bats.

Jo Foellmi, Public Health Nurse with La Crosse County, says that there are steps people can take to discourage gnats from swarming.

"Really tone it down on the sweet smelling perfumes, bar soaps, lotions, that sort of thing, because that will attract gnats to you," said Foellmi. "There are some bug sprays that claim that they repel gnats."

Foellmi says water also attracts gnats. She recommends homeowners unclog storm drains, get rid of standing water, and let plant soil dry before bringing it indoors.


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