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Two local log rollers take home the titles at the Three Rivers Roleo

Great River Landing in Onalaska was rocking as the hometown crowd awaited the winners of the Women’s and Men’s Professional Championships at the Three Rivers Roleo. 

In the women’s side, Holmen’s Livi Pappadopoulos came away with 1st place defeating defending champion Meredith Ingbretson 3-0. This is Pappadopoulos’ fourth straight professional title in only her first year competing. 

" I thought I was going to be able to do well, but to win these four straight tournaments is a really big deal, and it is such an honor to compete against such great competition," Pappadopoulos said. " Especially, Ellie Davenport who I competed against in the semi-finals, her speed is phenomenal, and Meredith Ingbretson, her strength and her power, it’s surreal, they’re amazing." 

" Since she is so strong and quick, my strategy was to let her do the motions, kind of get the log going back and forth," Pappadopoulos said. " I had to go along with it and wait until I saw an opportunity where she might have tripped or got down a little bit too far." 

As for the men’s professionals, the brothers Garrick and Connor Birdsong faced off in the quarterfinal round. Connor came away with the victory 3-2 to advance. After winning his semi-final match, Connor made it to the finals to take on Tanner Hallett. In the finals, Connor won 3-1 claiming first place. 

" I hadn’t actually rolled Tanner this year," Birdsong said. " I rolled him a few times last year, but I just kind of had to just fight. I kind of like to use a combination of speed and strength like pulling a log and just trying to out run my opponent, so I was able to do that there a little bit with pretty good success." 

Livi and Connor have been rolling together since they were 9 years old, and now are both Three Rivers Roleo Professional Champions. 


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