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Learning about area gardens on a bountiful tour around La Crosse

Hundreds of people hopped on their bikes to highlight the hard work of La Crosse area gardeners for the Bountiful Gardens Tour on Saturday.

Organized by Hillview Urban Agriculture Center, the event invites anyone interested in gardening to explore 10 plots around La Crosse.

Five different community gardens are on the list, with five home gardens opening their doors to anyone interested in working on their green thumb.

The tour connects people with area resources to help them understand the value that comes with starting a garden.

"We know that if you grow it, first of all, you’re being physically active," Hillview Urban Agriculture Center Executive Director Pam Hartwell describes.

The benefits don’t end at the physical aspects of gardening though.

"Second of all, you are producing something that tastes amazing. It hasn’t been on a truck for five days and sat on a shelf for a week, and you don’t have to pay $5 a pound for. It has come to you, basically for free, from your garden," Hartwell adds.  

While a home garden can supply you with as much produce as you can grow, volunteering at one of the community gardens on the tour can help impact people in the community.

"I’ve had 25 cucumbers come off one plant this spring. You often have the bounty and then you get to have the culture sharing your bounty with the people around you as well," Hartwell finishes.

Various gardens are always looking for volunteers to help the community grow. Visit Hillview Urban Agriculture Center online for a list of gardening opportunities in our area.

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