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Deep Roots Farm & Grow La Crosse “Empower Girls” through science camp

Grow La Crosse and the Deep Roots Community Farm are hosting an all girls science camp at the farm this week.

Deep Roots Community Farm just outside of La Crosse is hosting the "Empower Girls" science camp. In conjunction with Grow La Crosse, the camp offers the girls lots of fun, but lots of learning as well. Ana Skemp, the program director at Deep Roots says, "Our goal is to get them really excited about science and to empower them and give them the skills so they can see they can do it and also to see how exciting it is."

The girls gave presentations to their fellow campers featuring the research and data they collected through their hand picked science project. One group looked to test a pigs taste buds. Nora, Ava, Bella, and Greta were the group of girls that put the pigs to the test. They explained their experiment by saying, "We put sugar in the corn, and salt, and lemon, and cayenne pepper. And we were testing the pigs to see what corn they liked the best and see if they could taste the difference."

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The results varied with lemon corn winning the majority. Projects with real life results are helping to teach the girls more about the scientific process. Skemp says, "Making an observation, asking questions, forming a hypothesis, and an experiment and actually going through and testing it."

Research shows that girls are under represented in senior science positions and so by sowing the science seed early, it may help to bridge that gender gap. Ana goes on to say, "The solutions and the problem is multi-faceted, but our goal here is to address it on one level and bring together a group of girls, in a super supportive environment and go through the process of doing science together."

When asked if Nora, Ava, Bella, or Greta see themselves going into science related fields in the future it was a collective, "Maybe. Yeah." Some mixed reactions now, but only time will tell how much the science seed will grow.

If you’re looking for more information on summer farm camps at Deep Roots Community Farm make sure to visit the Grow La Crosse website.


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