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Allergy season continues to ramp up

If you’ve been sneezing and wheezing a little more lately, it is likely because the allergy season is continuing to ramp up.

Allergy Associates of La Crosse take pollen counts daily by sampling air from atop their building every morning. The heat and humidity of July causes mold pollen symptoms to spike. The next major allergen to prepare for is ragweed.

Tony Kavanaugh, the medical laboratory technician and pollen counter for Allergy Associates says, "If we’re going to have a really bad, an outlier bad ragweed season, I’d expect us to have a really hot and dry summer in July and I don’t think we had that. I’m expecting, not an outlier, but a pretty average ragweed season which is still never very good."

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Tony also pointed out that the dates for the first frost of the season over the last twenty years have happened later and later in the season due to climate change. This results in an extended allergy season.


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