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The impact of political party offices near election season

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – The August Partisan Primaries are this Tuesday, meaning election season is in full swing. Politicians and citizens put their final moments of work in before each party decides their candidates.

La Crosse County Republican Headquarters
La Crosse County Republican Headquarters

Both the La Crosse Republican and Democratic offices serve as hubs for each party. While most political campaigns start months before the first ballot is cast, as the election grows near candidates’ activity typically increases. Increased activity that makes local political offices vital for both parties.

With a Democratic and Republican Party Office in La Crosse, Wisconsin politicians understand the importance of community involvement.

“We put four offices around the state because you need to have a continual presence talking to the voters,” Brad Courtney, Chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin explains.

La Crosse Democratic Headquarters
La Crosse Democratic Headquarters

Local offices provide politicians an opportunity to connect with voters, a connection that benefits each party.

“It empowers our greatest resource, the people,” Martha Laning, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, continues, “it allows them to stop by, check out what’s going on, volunteer to help us get out a message,” Laning adds.

Whether it’s knocking on doors or working a phone bank, both local offices help to connect community members with vital information about their party, from statistic to signs.

“They don’t have to donate anything for them, they’re free and we have literature,” Co-Chair of the La Crosse County Democratic Party Michael Smuksta describes, “people came in and asked who they should vote for, and we brought them over to the table and said here is all the literature,” Smuksta says.

While informing voters is vital, party headquarters offer a chance for people to talk face-to-face with politicians and party members.

“It’s very important, that personal contact, because now a lot of people don’t answer the phones, they just don’t. So that person to person contact,” Courtney repeats.

Offices do more than promote their messages though, they help connect people with additional information to ensure they are eligible to vote.

“In our newsletter, we had information about are you registered to vote, you can check your polling place, those kinds of things,” Smuksta finishes.

Regardless of political ideology, officials of both parties say what matters most is ensuring people use their voice in the voting booth.

If anyone is unsure where their polling place is, if they’re registered to vote, or what they will be voting for, they can visit My Vote Wisconsin for statewide voting information. Anyone looking to learn more about a candidate can visit either headquarters to educate themselves before Tuesday, August 14.

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La Crosse County Democratic Party

La Crosse County Republican Party

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