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A vacation close to home with La Crosse County Campgrounds

La Crosse County is ranked ninth in Wisconsin for visitor spending, taking in more than $260 million last year, up $15 million from 2016. While taking some time to enjoy the area can be expensive it doesn’t always have to be.

For many people, vacations offer a chance to relieve some of the stress from their daily lives, but the stress they put on family budgets can do quite the opposite.

"La Crosse County offers well over 500 different campsites throughout the entire county, and the rates are anywhere from low $20 to maybe about $45 tops," Executive Director of Explore La Crosse A.J. Frels explains.

With La Crosse County campgrounds like Goose Island in La Crosse and Veterans Memorial in West Salem, you don’t have to drive far to get out of the city.

"You can get done with work on Friday, pack your bags and be at Goose Island within probably a half an hour with your tent,"  Parks and Office Manager for La Crosse County Facilities Mary Kaufmann describes.

"In a tourism world we call that a staycation, so you stay close to home, don’t have to travel far and come out and take advantage of what you have in your own backyard so to speak," Frels says.

A wet spring made for a rough start to the season, but the recent sunshine put them back on track.

"We were lucky to be able to stay open, so that’s why we are so looking forward to the rest of the season," Kaufmann discloses.

Whether you use a tent or an RV, spending a weekend near the fire appreciating the beauty of the Coulee Region can help recharge your batteries without draining your wallet.

"Let’s say you were coming to Goose Island or Veterans Memorial for the weekend, your rental is going to be less than $50 for those two nights," Kaufmann elaborates.

The quick drive and low price tag make camping trips a possibility for weekend trips in the school year too.

"Those last minute family vacations maybe you didn’t get done and come over and stay with us and enjoy that time, you know school’s coming real soon," Frels finishes.

Both La Crosse County campgrounds plan stay open until October. To reserve a site at Goose Island contact them at (608) 788-7018 or visit their website.

Veterans Memorial Campground is on a first come, first serve basis and does not take reservations.


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