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Jefferson Award Winner: Eveline Heitzman

Sparta, Wisconsin (WXOW) —- Eveline Heitzman is the Jefferson Award winner for the month of January.

“Once the food is all out, I start cleaning and I’ll stay here until it’s done.”  She runs a tight ship. “We need to soak that pan way over there.  I know I sound bossy!”  The little  ball of energy moved to Sparta from East Berlin with her husband in the 70’s.   And instantly loved it. “This is a small community.   If one person has a problem everyone jumps in to help.”

Eveline organized the first “official” community Christmas dinner in Sparta for those who had no where to eat that day.  She fed 70 people that day.  Today she feeds a thousand.  About 250 of those are meal deliveries.

“I don’t have any cookbooks.  I do everything out of my head. We had a little old lady in a hotel room so I sent the charmer, my husband down he got her out.   She came down and she had a wonderful time.”

Eveline says she’s living proof that you get more of out of life when you’re the one doing the giving.  “It just makes you feel good and you give something back and I follow my faith.  I get the strength from up there and I pass it on.”

Kevin Millard

Kevin Millard-Social Media Digital Content Manager for WXOW.

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