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Jefferson Award Winner: Terry Schleifer

La Crescent, MN (WXOW) —- Terry Schleifer is crazy about cats. “Are you a crazy cat lady? I am. ” That used to bother Terry, but not anymore.
“I’ve always known I’ve been a little bit eccentric cause who would do this?”

Terry saved over a thousand cats. “My grandmother Dorothy loved cats…and dogs. She saved anything that came into her yard even chickens. Whatever. I believe I must have gotten it from her.”

Terry believes part of the attraction to cats is that they’re more of a challenge. “To me if I can get a ferrel cat that sits in the cage and growls at you… If I can get that cat to sit on my lap and purr.   It’s just such a great feeling.”

Terry started La Crescent Animal Rescue 10 years ago because the city didn’t know what to do with stray animals.  Now that rescue is up and running and Terry finds homes for the hard to place animals. The ones that no one wants usually end up here.

“I tend to say I love animals more than I love people. When I see what they do to the animals I lose some respect for people.”

terry says cats…and animals in general are often misunderstood. “They can be friendly, they can be trained.   They can’t live on their own. They can’t just be driven up to the orchard and dropped off.”

Kevin Millard

Kevin Millard-Social Media Digital Content Manager for WXOW.

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