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Iconic La Crosse statue faces potential relocation

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) — The future of one La Crosse statue is uncertain. The Lacrosse Players statue that welcomes people on the north side of La Crosse could be moved to a new location.

The Lacrosse Players statue features three members of the Ho-Chunk Nation playing the game of lacrosse. The statue that is seen as an attraction to visitors is facing possible relocation for that very reason.

Mayor Tim Kabat of the City of La Crosse says the conversation started for safety reasons. The statue is a popular photo spot for visitors; however, even with a paved path leading to the statue, Kabat says there have been a number of close calls with people crossing the four lanes of Rose Street. The Exit 3 Construction has created a new potential space for the statue.

“If we had money available, what would it cost to move the Lacrosse Players Statue from where it is now north and incorporate that into the Eagle Watch area and the pull off so that people could safely park,” said Kabat. “Then if they want to take pictures or whatever they can do that.”

Kabat says the possible relocation of the statue has been a conversation for more than a year. With landscaping and other work still happening with Exit 3 construction, Kabat says the Engineering Department is looking into whether there are any funds left in the budget to use on relocation.

After the city gets more answers on possible locations and costs associated with a move, Kabat says a resolution would be brought before city council.

Kabat hopes to see the move happen before the end of year although he admits it might be tight with the number of current projects. He says the public will have a chance to share their thoughts once legislation is drafted. Until then, he encourages those with questions to call his office.

Mackenzie Amundsen

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