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Jefferson Award Winner: Marie Glover

Westby, WI (WXOW) – –Marie Glover has rescued thousands of animals.

Tripod is a three-legged cat that is the reason Marie started Tabbytown.

A main goal of Tabbytown USA is finding homes for discarded animals but another priority is educating the public and changing the perception of cats.

Marie’s son, Dennis said his mother does so much for people. Rescuing cats is just one part. “She’s got a huge heart. She’s helped a lot of people. She’s not crazy, but she is crazy about cats,” said Dennis.

Rescuing cats is a family affair.  Last March, Dennis was driving from Chaseburg over to Coon Valley and he saw this cat laying in the road, she was actually frozen to the center line and he went to move her off the road so she wouldn’t get hit again when she opened her eyes.

Marie’s husband, Ted, is just as protective as Marie when it comes to the kitties.  “I put myself through college working at a nursing home and I learned how to appreciate older folks. These are just older cats that no one wants,” said Ted. “I know enough about cats where I could turn some of their lives around and make them adoptable when they’re not. When they come to us scared and afraid and sick and injured. I think I can take those kitties and just make them the center of someone else’s world,” said Marie.

Years of practice have enabled the Glover’s to develop cat products that really work.  Their latest invention, a specialized scooper and dust-free litter are being noticed. All proceeds help support Tabbytown USA in their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate injured and abandoned cats.

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Kevin Millard

Kevin Millard-Social Media Digital Content Manager for WXOW.

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