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Mayo Clinic celebrates 25 years of Center for Women’s Health

Mayo Clinic is celebrating 25 years of their Center for Women’s Health.

That part of the Mayo Clinic in La Crosse provides care specifically geared toward women by women physicians. Staff there said many patients said they feel much more comfortable with female caregivers. It also allows physicians to better diagnose and treat conditions that often time don’t present in the same way they do in men.

“It allows us to focus a little more and gain a little bit of what we like to call gender expertise,” Dr Margaret Grenisen said. “…recognition that women may have the same disease, but they don’t have the same sorts of symptoms or presentation with their illness.”

A classic example of that would be heart disease. It most often presents in men with chest pain and shortness of breath, but in women it could be as subtle as fatigue and shortness of breath only after activity.

Sam Shilts

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