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Mayo expands 3D mammography to Monroe County

SPARTA, WI (WXOW) – Mayo Clinic Health System announced an important step forward in the fight against breast cancer at their Sparta clinic Monday afternoon.

The Sparta Mayo Clinic has received new 3-D mammography technology. The new tech, also called digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), offers a new image of the breast when examined. The screening more closely follows the curvature and takes several images as it moves, evaluating the tissue layer by layer.

“It’s especially helpful for women who have denser breasts,” Family Physician Tracy Worsing said. “These are women who in the past would have more likely chances of having abnormal tests or false positives… so, really nothing wrong, but they couldn’t say 100% it was normal because of the type of tissue that they have.”

Mayo Clinic recommends annual mammography screenings for all women beginning at 40 years old.

Sam Shilts

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