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University donates school supplies to Coon Valley Elementary

Coon Valley, Wis. (WXOW) – Coon Valley Elementary students came to school Tuesday morning to a surprise donation of school supplies.

UW-La Crosse donated two car loads of free supplies following Coon Valley’s morning announcements. A phone call from UW-La Crosse math professor Susan Kelly turned into a campus-wide event. The event sought to help purchase school supplies and give cash donations to the town affected by major flooding.

“I think sometimes people hear negative news stories and then you really start seeing individuals and you realize most people really do want to extend a hand to their neighbor,” Kelly said. “Those neighbors are anybody. Here, our neighbors were really close so it was easy to drive over with school supplies.”

School supplies that aren’t in need at Coon Valley will then be donated to other schools in towns affected by flooding.

UW-La Crosse’s campus-wide event continues for another week.

Sam Shilts

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