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The Pirates defeat the Predators 42-40

It was a hot sticky game tonight but that didn’t stop the Kickapoo – La Farge Predators from taking the field against the De Soto Pirates. De Soto was trying to inch above the .500 mark tonight and send Kickapoo – La Farge walking the plank.

The Predators get things started early with a touch down on their first possession. They go for the two point conversation but fail to get it in giving them an early 6-0 lead.

Quarterback Owen Cauffman for the Predators had a fantastic night. He continued to stretch the Predators lead with a 20 yard pass to Tyson Sheldon who returns the ball 60 yards for another Predator tpuch down.

Refusing to quit, the pirates take to the field more determined then ever.

Trevor Rebhahn muscles his way down the field and shakes off multiple predators bringing it to the house for a 45 yard touch down run.

The Pirates will go on to win it 42-40.

Brandon Gerlach

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