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Tips to keep mice out of your home during Winter months

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – The coldest months of the year are quickly approaching, that means it won’t be long until unwanted house guests begin invading your home.

Mice along with other pests look to seek shelter inside your home during the winter months. Extermination experts say taking down bird-feeders or trimming your hedges can help eliminate the problem. Outside, they also say to go around your home and seal up any holes with caulk.

Inside, it is important to make sure any food in the kitchen is sealed.

Chief operation officer with DeBoer Pest Control James DeBoer says once mice get into your home it can be a nasty problem. “They will leave droppings or they will chew through wires, they can do damage to wiring inside the house which can cause a fire or not have electricity for a while. That’s not a good thing in the winter time.”

DeBoer also stresses the importance of catching the problem before it gets worse.  “A lot of our services are for preventative measures, so we stop the problem before they get in which is big because you don’t want to have a mouse in your house. They are nocturnal so a lot of times you don’t even know that they are in your house until you find their droppings on anything that you store in the kitchen which can can be gross. So you definitely want to get ahead of it before it begins.”

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