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Warrens Cranberry Festival benefits surrounding community year-round

Warrens, WI (WXOW) – For the past 46 years, the last weekend in September is the Cranberry Festival in Warrens, Wisconsin. A three day event that generates funds to benefit the Warrens area throughout the entire year.

Since its inception, the festival has donated over $3 million. Funds that benefit causes ranging from scholarships to paying for school computers.

Known as the world’s largest cranberry festival, every year thousands of vendors donate a portion of their profits to contribute to the cause. Working to celebrate Warren’s cranberry culture while supporting the whole area.

Funds generated by the festival will next be used to provide a community meal in Warrens on October 17.

Contact the festival office at (608) 378-4200 to learn more.

Peter Lenz

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