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Celebrating sustainability with the Soak It Up Award

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – The La Crosse Urban Stormwater Group works to educate the community about the impact of stormwater runoff, highly polluted rainwater that doesn’t soak into the ground. On Sunday they gave out their first ever Soak It Up Award. 

The award celebrates any person or business showing initiative in combating the effects of stormwater.

This year’s winner is Misty’s Dance Unlimited for implementing three rain gardens in their new facility.

The project aims to clean run-off before it enters the La Crosse sewer system, while reducing the amount that makes it into the Mississippi.

“Typically what happens is it just carries those pollutants right into the river, in our case the Mississippi River,” Co-Owner of Coulee Region Ecoscapes Judson Steinback describes.

Steinback and Coulee Region Ecoscapes designed Misty’s winning setup, hoping to make an impact on area ecosystems one building at a time.

“So if we can take that water and use these biofilter gardens to actually clean those toxins out and charge that water back into the ground, that’s the ecological service that we’re doing,” Steinback adds.

It wouldn’t be possible without the decision of Misty’s Dance Unlimited. Through their sustainable choices, they hope to help the environment while serving as a positive example for their students.

“At Misty’s Dance Unlimited we do teach more than just great dancing, that’s really our motto,” Business Manager for Misty’s Dance Unlimited Kris Nandory explains. 

“That’s what we care about, our kids, we’re definitely teaching them more than dance. To be a healthy kid and a part of a healthy community is really what we’re all about. So to win this award really is the icing on the cake for us,” Nandory finishes.

To learn more about the dangers of stormwater runoff and how to increase sustainability around your home, visit the Urban Stormwater Group online.

Peter Lenz

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