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A thrilling tradition starts in La Crescent

La Crescent, Minn. (WXOW) – What started as a conversation between parents grew into the start of a new tradition on Sunday, with people using a familiar dance to raise money for a local school.

A team of zombies took over Downtown La Crescent for the first Thriller Parade.

Inspired by similar events, students spent the last three weeks learning the iconic dance from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Through donations, the experience benefits the La Crescent Montessori STEM school while teaching students along the way.

“There are dancers involved that have never taken a class in their life,” event organizer and parent of two Meagan Waddell elaborates. 

“So those are the ones that really make this all that much more worthwhile because their passion and enthusiasm makes it that much more fun. They have been bold and daring and brave to step out of their comfort zone and be awesome Michael Jackson thrillers with me,” Waddell finishes.

They aim to make this an annual event on the last Sunday of October.

You can find the Thriller Parade on Facebook for more information regarding next year.

Peter Lenz

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