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Highlighting Trempealeau County District Attorney candidates

Whitehall, Wis. (WXOW) – Earlier this month, Trempealeau County District Attorney Taavi McMahon lost in the Democratic primary for a recall election for his own position. 

The recall was driven by the Osseo Police Chief and other officers. They cite various complaints, including McMahon’s disregard of advice from law enforcement and reducing charges for serious crimes.

McMahon says he reserves prison for violent criminals, advocating the use of treatment and diversion programs for low-risk offenders.

Trempealeau County voters will decide the future of that position in the November election. They will choose between John Sacia, McMahon’s former assistant, and Rick Niemeier, Trempealeau County’s Corporation Counsel.

If elected, both candidates say they will focus on integrity.

John Sacia

John Sacia graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison Law School in 2013. He then worked private practice in the Trempealeau area until 2015, before becoming the county’s Assistant District Attorney.

“In that time I was handling 70% of our felony caseload, 70% of our misdemeanor caseload and 100% of our juvenile caseload,” Democratic Candidate for Trempealeau County District Attorney John Sacia recalls.

Rick Niemeier advises the Trempealeau County Board on civil matters through his position as Corporation Counsel, with years of experience helping to inform the board.

“I’ve been practicing criminal law for over 15 years, I’ve handled hundreds of cases over my career,” Republican  candidate for Trempealeau County District Attorney Rick Niemeier elaborates, “Anywhere from disorderly conducts, to drug cases, to sex assaults and to homicide cases.”

Rick Niemeier

Both candidates have experience in the Trempealeau County Courthouse, using their knowledge to learn what voters want out of the position.

“These are things I am hearing from community members. They have concerns that, maybe, the cases aren’t being followed up on properly and they aren’t being prosecuted adequately,” Niemeier explains.

“We need to do more community outreach. As District Attorney, I plan to speak regularly with people around this community in order to hear their voices, and in order to have an open dialogue with what’s happening in the criminal justice system,” Sacia describes.

For this election, they say it’s less about partisan beliefs and more about what they can do for the office, and the people.

“My campaign is all about restoring respect to the office of District Attorney. It’s about creating accountability to the voters here in our community,” Sacia concludes.

“We all live in the same community, we have common goals. We just want to make sure those communications can fix whatever problems both sides have and kind of get back to making sure the criminal justice system in Trempealeau County is working properly,” Niemeier finishes.

The elections will be held on November 6.

Visit My Vote Wisconsin for voting information, including ballot details and polling places.

Peter Lenz

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