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Holmen students donate to flood relief efforts after big fundraiser

HOLMEN, Wis. (WXOW) – Area families continue to pick up the pieces after flood waters ravaged homes just a few months ago.

Back in September, one local high school student wanted to provide support and quickly turned their upcoming football game into a fundraiser.

While the game between Holmen and West Salem played the same as other games on the field on September 7, the impact outside the game would be different.

“I thought for sure we’d raise maybe a couple thousand,” Senior Alexa Breske said. “It would be really cool that our community did that for another and neighbors just helping out each other.”

However, it was more than just a couple thousand. They’d raise $10,000 and a truck load of food and cleaning supplies.

“Just seeing seeing the line of people behind,” Senior Malorie Olson said. “Like I had to move fast because so many people were trying to get in and wanted to get into the game, especially towards the end when the game was about to start.”

The event spawned from a desire to help by Breske. In three days they got the word out and reaped the benefits. While the food was donated to various organizations, students donated the money to Couleecap and the organization says people can’t forget others still need help. 

“Those who are living in less than ideal living situations because their homes have been destroyed are coming to us with more desperation,” Executive Director Hetti Brown said.

The private donations help residents where state and federal grants don’t. Students say it really opened their eyes to the power of making a difference.

“Holmen was able to come together for something greater than ourselves and be able to help our surrounding communities in their time of need and really step up,” Senior Braden Nissen said.

While the students don’t have current plans for a future even, they will keep finding ways to help those who need it.

“I just want to be more conscious of the world and what’s going on around me because now I know I can make such a difference and even a small difference will help so many people,” Breske added.

Couleecap wants to remind residents flood victims are still in need of help. They suggest contacting local non-profits to see how they can assist.

Jeremy Culver

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