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Local YMCA’s offering free child watch on election day

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – The YMCA is trying to make sure you can get to the polls next Tuesday. On election day, the Onalaska and La Crosse YMCA’s will be offering free child care so parents can vote.

Services will run from 8 AM until 1:30 PM and then again at 3:30 until 8 PM. There is a 2-hour limit.

Child watch and pre-school program director Christina Knudsen says all you need to bring is your kids and a photo ID, “Come on in with their kids and we will if they have a photo id that would be helpful for us just for naming everybody of who belongs to who so bring your photo id bring you kids don’t forget them and then you can head off and you can go vote.”

Knudsen also says voting is very important so offering this service was important to the YMCA, “It is vitally important so we want to make sure everyone has that opportunity and bringing kids along is also an experience so if they want to do that its the way to teach them that but we are also a place that they can drop them off if its easier and more convenient as well

You do not have to be a member of the YMCA to use the service.

Travis Judell

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