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New loan program can help home buyers with repairs

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – Sometimes buying a home can also bring on a number of costly repairs, but a new loan program could help pay for those repairs and keep your payments down.

The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority announced the Homestyle Renovation Program. The loan can be bundled with other WHEDA loans into one.

WHEDA representatives say with the state’s aging housing market, this can help rehab those older homes while making the repairs affordable for new homeowners.

“We thought well lets design a program that helps people get into those homes, get those homes to where they need to be physically and be able to create long-term value without a lot of long-term unaffordable costs,” COO Brian Schimming said. “This program will do it.”

The loan can be used to make a number of repairs. It is available now and can be looked at by going to the WHEDA website or calling 608-266-7884 for assistance.

Jeremy Culver

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