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Walker campaigns in Sparta

SPARTA, Wis. (WXOW) – Governor Walker campaigned in Monroe County Monday morning.

The governor came to Multistack in Sparta, where he highlighted growth of manufacturing in the state and asked supporters to find more voters during the last week of campaigning. The governor criticized his opponent Tony Evers’ supporters, saying attack ads running during this cycle painted his policies on health care inaccurately.

“My wife’s a diabetic, my mother’s a cancer survivor, my brother has a heart condition… like a lot of families in this state, covering people with pre-existing conditions is personal,” he said. “You can cover people with pre-existing conditions without protecting Obamacare. They’re two different things.”

Walker said despite a tense political climate leading up to the midterms, the race between him and Tony Evers has maintained a civil tone.

“My differences with Tony Evers are not personal,” he said. “[Evers] and I have worked together on things, we did state report cards together for schools… Our differences are on our experience and on our policies and I just believe the difference between Tony Evers and I are simple.”

Evers and Walker are in a statistical tie, based on the latest polling.

Sam Shilts

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