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Corn and soybean harvest nearing completion

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) Halloween also means cold weather with farmers wrapping up their harvest seasons.

While it has been a wet summer and fall, farmers report successful crop harvesting. Most corn and soybeans are harvested in our area. Now farmers look forward to storing their crop, preparing for winter, and towards next year.

UW Extension Agriculture Agent Kaitlyn Lance says farmers will be busy year-round. “It’s not exactly an end to the agriculture season because now it’s getting into winter and after storage, farmers will have a chance to get updates about how the year went especially through extension. With their harvested crop, if they have on-site storage then they will do it in their silos or bags it depends on how they plan on storing and then they can utilize that for feed for their livestock or they can sell it to different companies it just kind of depends on where their market is.”

The current price of soybeans is $7.65 per bushel while corn is $3.18.

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Travis Judell

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