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Volunteers help push Rotary Lights into the future

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – Quite the transformation going through Riverside Park ahead of the 24th Rotary Lights Display.

From now until November 23 volunteers work to decorate the park.

Organizers say the iconic event wouldn’t be possible without the unrelenting community support.

Volunteers spend time in various roles. Tasks include everything from putting up lights, designing new sets and even helping to move the celebration forward using new technology. 

“So in the past, we’ve had old controllers which are basically on-off switches that can dim,” 4-year volunteer with Rotary Lights Steven Klankowski elaborates.

“Now we can dim each pixel, or light, as independently as we want. With that, that’s the technology we’ve grown up with. We’ve seen the beautiful displays, we’ve seen movies with all this beautiful technology, can we actually incorporate it into our displays?”

Klankowski continues to elaborate on the capabilities they explore with the technology he and volunteers worked to create.

“Instead of having static or 3D figures, can we actually move into having displays that are animated on themselves with light?” Klankowski finishes.

Every year an estimated 180,000 people visit the over 3 million light display. The event will run from November 23 through December 31.

Peter Lenz

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