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DNR investigating shooting of albino deer in Lafayette County

NEW DIGGINGS (WKOW) The Wisconsin DNR is investigating the death of an albino deer after someone reported one shot and killed on the side of the road in Lafayette County.

In rural New Diggings, Andy Droessler said the white deer was like a local celebrity.

“Even though we’d seen her how many times we were still excited about it whenever we’d see her,” he said.

Droessler said the deer liked to walk around the edge of the woods in his yard, often accompanied by her two offspring, which were brown. He said he always noticed her first.

“She’s all white, snow white,” he said. “She’s beautiful. There’s no way you could ever mistake her for a regular brown deer.”

That’s why he said he’s suspicious about the deer’s death.

“There’s no way they just accidentally or it was a mistake,” he said.

When he heard the DNR was investigating he said he went out to see for himself. He said they told him they found her lying on the side of Hilldale Rd. Sunday. She was likely shot and killed over the weekend.

The DNR confirmed these details to 27 News.

Shooting and harvesting an albino deer is a crime in Wisconsin as they are protected wild animals. A hunter could face a fine of about $303.

“If they find them I sure hope they penalize him the way they should,” Droessler said.

To Droessler, he said it’s about taking responsibility.

“I just hope whoever did this or if anybody knows anything that they could call the DNR or that person could just turn themselves in,” he said.

Even then, he said whoever it was left his woods a little darker.

“Now we look out there and know she’s not going to be there again,” he said.

Scientists say about one in 100,000 deer are albino.

Kevin Millard

Kevin Millard-Social Media Digital Content Manager for WXOW.

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