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Tasty demonstrations for elementary students

La Crosse, WI – (WXOW) – Students at La Crosse’s Northside Elementary got to take part in a delicious demonstration as part of a Farm2School event.

Local Mayo Clinic health systems Chef Heather VanHorn created a recipe of “Sasquash soup”, featuring the December harvest of featured produce.  The fourth graders learned about local available foods as well as participating in the making of the soup.

The Farm2School program helps to get locally grown foods served in the schools while encouraging students to learn about them and try them in different ways.  The soup of the day featured local zucchini, cranberries and fennel along with plenty of squash.  In the end, it was a matter of taste.

“It was good, I’m kind of a picky eater.  I kinda liked it, kinda not, but in the end it was really good,” said fourth grader Linda Vang.

Another positive is the promotion of family cooking time.

“It’s something you can make in 15 to 20 minutes, and you can get a full-flavored healthy option.  The kids can cook with the family.  It’s family time spent together,” said Executive Chef Heather VanHorn.


Roger Staffaroni

Assignment Editor

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