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Connecting youth with faith and the outdoors

Onalaska, Wis. (WXOW) – The Coulee Region based Kicking Bear Foundation organizes camps and adventures to teach people about the outdoors while connecting them to God. On Saturday, they held their Adventure Day at La Crosse Archery.

With numerous camps and events throughout the year, the nationwide youth outreach ministry aims to put a bow in the hands of kids.

They also work to connect them with experienced hunters, or mentors, to guide attendees.

“There’s one mentor at each target,” Director of Operations for the Kicking Bear Foundation Austin Siewert elaborates.

“So kids are getting that one on one hands-on learning experience, rather than just going through a line and learning on their own. So kids are learning everything from where you should put your hand and your elbow, to how you should release an arrow.”

Mentors even sign a written commitment to be in their lives. Since Siewert’s mentee Takobie Robinson started the program, he says it’s made an impact in ways he didn’t expect. 

“I’ve been with Kicking Bear for two years now and I love everything that we do,” Kicking Bear Participant Takobie Robinson adds.

“I get to meet new people, and I really don’t think I would be involved with as much as I am if I wasn’t involved with Kicking Bear.”

For a list of upcoming events and ways to get involved, visit the kicking bear website.

Peter Lenz

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