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La Crosse Post Office sees increase in packages

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – Christmas is just over two weeks away and if Santa isn’t delivering a present to your home, the United States Post Office will be.

Getting through the lines as quick as possible, residents came to the La Crosse post office to drop off one, two, three or more packages going all over.

“West Virginia, Georgia and San Diego,” Donna Cota of Onalaska said.

“One was going to Korea, the other two was one for Michigan and one for Minnesota,” Gerald Murphy of La Crosse said.

In the back, staff work quickly to sort the thousands of boxes coming through.

“Everyone always said oh Christmas is going to be crazy,” Post Office Clerk Sheila Woodman said. “So when I started in July, it’s probably two to three times more the packages now.”

However, Postmaster Wade Adams say crews do it to keep everyone in the holiday spirit.

“We take pride in getting that stuff to the customers in a timely basis and doing it with a smile if we can,” Adams explained.

Roughly 14,000 packages go through the La Crosse and Onalaska offices a day, a 60 percent increase over last year, and crews are working overtime to get through them.

“We have multiple carriers working 65 to 70 hours a week. We’re always delivering on Sundays,” Adams added.

For this reason, he encourages families to be prepared against potential thieves if they are receiving a package. They urge you to use the USPS website and click on package intercept.

“It allows you to give additional instructions whether it be hold it at the post office or whether it be redirect it to my work address,” Adams said.

The closer we get to Christmas, the busier post office workers will be. So some residents want to remind others to be patient.

“The sooner the better,” Murphy explained. “Don’t have undue expectations.”

“They do their job the best they can do. We are lucky that we have all these workers,” Cota added.

While it’s busy now, The week of December 17 will be the busiest of the holiday season. So workers want to remind residents to make sure their packages are ready for shipping with the correct address to make things go smoother.

Sign reads Make them Jolly.

If you want to make sure your package makes it on time for Christmas Day, be sure to send any regular mail by December 14. For first class or priority shipping, they must be in the mail by December 20 and overnight shipping or express mail must be sent out by December 22.


Jeremy Culver

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