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Veterans house project moves forward

La Crosse, WI – WXOW – The Veteran transition home proposed for the donated property at 3120 Farnam Street in La Crosse moved closer to approval, despite push back from the neighborhood.

Both the City Plan Commission and the Judiciary and Administration Committee voted in favor of the project.

Speakers on both sides of the issue expressed concerns on the matter.  Those in support of the facility cited studies showing similar homes in residential areas having no problems.  Additionally, there was no data showing real estate values decreasing due to transition homes in a neighborhood.

“To hear about the sanctity of a neighborhood, the sanctity is one’s own property, and the Erickson’s have chosen to donate this property to the V.A. for a very good cause.  I think they should be given a chance,” said William Buchta, who spoke in support of the home.

However, several people who live in the direct vicinity of the property said it wasn’t a matter of being against veterans.  They said that the area already has four community living arrangements while other neighborhoods have none.

Council member Gary Padesky said that social media had also vilified anyone in the neighborhood who had reservations about the project.

“For me it just came down to it’s not a matter of voting emotionally. To me it came down to the 40 homeowners that said ‘help us'” said Padesky.

The proposal still needs approval from the full City Council.

Roger Staffaroni

Assignment Editor

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