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Accused stabber makes initial court appearance

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – Anquin St. Junious made his initial court appearance on a second degree reckless homicide charge following a fatal stabbing incident back on January 2.

Nearly a week after the stabbing incident that killed Virgil Stewart, the La Crosse District Attorney’s office filed charges against St. Junious.

La Crosse Police Captain Jason Melby says they believe it all stemmed from an argument between St. Junious and Stewart.

“During the course of that argument, Virgil did receive a stab wound and eventually did succumb to injuries from the stabbing,” Melby said.

The criminal complaint shows several people were interviewed including St. Junious, his wife and the cab driver St. Junious and his wife left in. The report states St. Junious’s wife Annette Thompson told police originally she stabbed Stewart, but later admitted to St. Junious stabbing him. She said she lied because he threatened to hurt her if she didn’t.

District Attorney Tim Gruenke says his office didn’t want to rush charges to make sure all interviews were done properly.

“It just takes a couple days to talk to all of those people, verify what they said, try to corroborate stories and the investigation just takes some time to complete itself,” Gruenke explained.

He also says his office decided on second degree reckless homicide because the evidence doesn’t suggest a first degree charge.

“First degree intentional homicide would involve some sort of idea he intended to perform an act that killed another person,” he added.

St. Junious did not speak during his temperance, but did speak out when Gruenke said that his wife lied to police because St. Junious threatened her.

“He threatened harm to his wife and forced her to make up a story to protect him and there’s a fear for his safety as well. So we think that the high cash bond is appropriate in this case,” Gruenke said to the judge.

“That’ a lie,” St. Junious responded.

The judge ordered a $100,000 cash bond for St. Junious and if he posts bail he will be subject to a GPS house arrest and must not have contact with his wife and their child.

However, while St. Junious appeared with a public defender, he would need side counsel due to a conflict. The bond will be looked at again when a counsel is appointed.

Jeremy Culver

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