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Farmers facing tough times during government shutdown

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – During one of the industries lowest times, American farmers are keeping their noses to the grindstone and hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, for some already walking the tight rope, the government shutdown could spell their demise.

Not only are recently approved subsidies on hold, so are applications for a $12 billion dollar emergency aid package meant to supplement financial losses caused by international trade disputes.

For many farmers, that money could be crucial to staying afloat right now when prices are low, and income is lower.

Darin Von Ruden, the Wisconsin Farmers Union President, says even if farmers don’t feel the direct effects right now, it won’t take very long.

“It’s not going to affect the farmers directly today or tomorrow but if the government stays shut down for another two, three weeks there’s a couple different programs that payments come out the end of January for that so if the shutdown continues too much longer those payments probably will not go out to farmers,” Von Ruden explains.

Originally, the emergency aid fund application deadline was set for January 15th, but soon it could be pushed back due to what’s currently the second longest government shutdown in American history.

It doesn’t end that simply though, even if the shutdown concludes and funds are supplied.

Von Ruden says this is part of a larger problem that will take a larger solution with more time.

“All of the market analysts and the experts, I’m certainly not one of those but you know just listening and hearing what they’re saying we’re looking at two, three years of what currently happening if something doesn’t change.”

Amber Meyer

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