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Combining art and competition at the Onalaska Show Choir Classic

Onalaska, Wis. (WXOW) – Since 1988 show choir groups from around Wisconsin and the U.S. travel to the Coulee Region for the Onalaska Show Choir Classic.

The competition takes place towards the beginning of the show choir season. A valuable opportunity to perform in a live setting.

Various judges rank and evaluate groups. Information schools use to improve over the course of their season.

Teams do receive awards based on performance, but those involved say it’s about more than winning and losing.

“It’s the melding of art and sports, which some people have an issue with because art is suppose to be arts and not competitive,” Onalaska High School Choir Director Richard Moses explains. 

“Something about the competitive nature really gets the students focused in on it. What they take away from it is not the competitiveness, it’s the art.”

La Crosse Central’s Grand River Show Choir Invitational takes place towards the end of January. Logan High School holds their Logan Showcase in February.

Follow this link for a detailed list of show choir events around the US.

Peter Lenz

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