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Criminal complaint: Patterson targeted Jayme Closs at random

BARRON, Wis. (WXOW) – We know how suspect Jake Patterson picked the teenage girl that led to her kidnapping and the deaths of her parents.

It was random.

The Barron County District Attorney’s Office released the criminal complaint against 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson Monday afternoon ahead of his first court appearance. .

He’s charged with two counts of First Degree Intentional Homicide in the deaths of James and Denise Closs. There’s also one charge of kidnapping for taking Jayme Closs from her home in Barron on October 15. Patterson also faces one count of armed burglary.

The complaint said that Patterson used a shotgun to enter the Closs family home in Barron. He shot Jayme’s parents, then took the girl.

On the paragraphs in the complaint details one of the most asked questions: How did he pick Jayme?

The complaint said Patterson was working at “…Saupto Cheese Factory, south of Almena, for two days before quitting. On his drive to the cheese factory on one of the two mornings he worked there, he had stopped behind a school bus on US Hwy. 8 where he watched Jayme get on a school bus. The defendant state he had no idea who she was nor did he know who lived at the house or how many people lived at the house. The defendant stated, when he saw Jayme, he knew that was the girl he was going to take.”

He later said he didn’t even know her name until after they were back at the home in Gordon.

The graphically detailed complaint describes what Patterson told investigators happened at the Closs home in Barron in October.

Patterson said first shot James Closs at the entrance to the home. After using another shot to get in the home, he broke into the bathroom where Denise and Jayme were hiding. He then had Denise use tape to wrap around Jayme’s head, mouth, wrists, and ankles. As Jayme lay bound on the floor, Patterson admitted he then shot Denise in the head.

He then took Jayme, put her in the trunk of his vehicle, and left the home. Patterson said he estimated he was in the home for about four minutes. Patterson said he had to pull over to allow squad cars to pass him – just 20 seconds after leaving the home with Jayme.

He also told authorities he drove to the Closs home two other times with plans to kidnap Jayme – one time a week before he allegedly did it and another time a week-and-a-half before. He said there were too many cars in the driveway and it scared him off.

He said on the night of the abduction and murders, he stole license plates off of a random car because he did not want his own plates to be spotted.

After leaving the Closs family home, the two then went to Patterson’s home in Gordon, where she remained until her escape last Thursday.

When they arrived at the home in Gordon, Patterson told Jayme to take off her clothes and he took and burned them. He said he did that because he didn’t want any evidence.

In an interview with authorities, Jayme said Patterson made her hide under his bed anytime someone would come over to his house.

After one incident, Jayme described how Patterson hit her with a handle on her back. She said it hurt really bad. She said Patterson told her if it happened again, the “punishment would be worse next time.”

Patterson told investigators that at Christmas, he left Jayme under the bed for approximately 12 hours while he went to visit a grandparent.  He said he told Jayme she had to “hold it” if she needed to go the bathroom and was not allowed to exit from under the bed until he returned.

On January 10, Closs said Patterson left the house and told her he expected to be gone for five or six hours. She said she was able to push bins and weights away from the bed and was able to escape. She said she put on a pair of Patterson’s shoes and walked out of the house where she found Jeanne Nutter who helped her to safety.

Patterson is expected to make a court appearance this afternoon in Barron.



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Kevin Millard

Kevin Millard-Social Media Digital Content Manager for WXOW.

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