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La Crosse Loggers unveil new logo series

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – The La Crosse Loggers unveiled their team re-branding at Castaways on the Island Tuesday, giving the first look at their new series of logos.

Fans at the unveiling saw the new designs on tee-shirts, hats and more all adorning the fresh look.

They feature a combination of modern logger themes with traditional elements that helped build the team.

Logger management presented the logos and spoke on some of the inspiration behind the re-branding, and how it ties Logger history together.

“It brings the saw into play, the log,” La Crosse Loggers General Manager Ben Kapanke continues, “It brings our mascot in, a big lumberjack that kind of is something new that we haven’t had before.” 

“So, it molds into something like a small little refresh but then it kind of turned into this. It’s a really unique feature that we’re proud to kind of showcase today.”

The team also announced plans for the Copeland Park and Events Center. Find the La Crosse Loggers on Facebook for more information on upcoming events at the field and how to reserve the space for private use.

Peter Lenz

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