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Brothers, basketball, and a bond that can’t be broken

La Crosse, Wisc. (WXOW)- The Davis brothers live for the game of basketball. It is a sport their parents introduced to them at a young age. In fact, Jordan Davis’ first world was ‘basketball.'”

” Ever since we were like 2 or 1, my dad’s always just put a basketball in our hand or a football in our hand, and we would just play against each other like on a mini hoop or like in a back yard just throwing balls at each other,” Jordan Davis said. ” It was just natural.”

That competitive spirit shown day in and day out today, developed when they were young, and against each other. Jordan and Johnny both have a small scar above their left eyes to prove it.

” We bonked heads in the bathroom fighting each other, and then it was like blood everywhere,” Jordan said.

Their current Head Coach Todd Fergot distinctly remembers their young competitiveness.

” I remember we had them in our little kids basketball Junior Raiders that we run, and they were probably maybe three or four years old,” Fergot said. ” They were just little guys, and they would just go at it. We had them all those Saturdays, all those years together, and it was so fun to watch.”

Now Jordan and Johnny are a team, and they believe they wouldn’t be the players they are today without each other.

” Especially as both of us being as talented as we are you know just going up against each other everyday,” Johnny said. ” You find out something new and what to do.”

” When we play against kids that are the same level or a little bit lower competition then we are, we just know what to do and it just prepares us for that,” Johnny added.

Their connection on the court does not go unnoticed.

” You can just see if it is just little things like in transition,” Coach Fergot said. ” You know Johnny will be bringing it up, and he just knows where Jordan is going to be, and he gets him the ball or vise-versa. Maybe on a steal, maybe on a penetration and kick, they kind of just have that feel, and it helps our team.”

Both Johnny and Jordan want to pursue their athletic careers in college. For Jordan he is keeping his options open for football and basketball, and he will likely decide his senior year.

As for Johnny, he is focused on pursuing a career in basketball.

” Really the only high major offer that I have right now is Wisconsin, but all the other offers, I am still looking at them too, but I am just awaiting my options.”

College may lead them in different directions, but that bond will never be broken.

” I just want to see him be the best player he can be and the best person,” Jordan said.

Karley Marotta

Weekend Sports Anchor

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