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Using “Tools for Schools” to build a LEGO wall

Sparta, WI (WXOW) – The “Toy of the 20th Century” will become a valuable part of a 21st century classroom for second graders at St. Patrick’s School. This month’s “Tools for Schools” award winner will use the $750 award from SSE Music, Brenengen Auto and Dependable Solutions to create a classroom LEGO wall.

Lori Lazzari said she recently reconfigured her classroom to create a more focus-driven learning environment. And part of that will now include a wall where kids can build 3D structures to compliment their learning in a variety of subjects.

“The kids can practice their spelling words or do partner work because we have a big pal little pal program at our school, and they can create a scene or something like that on there as well.”

Lazzari said it’s also valuable to motivate her kids.

“That’s very important. You don’t want them to dread coming to the classroom. I try to make it bright, and I try to have different things for them…And I just find their focus is so much better.”

Each month WXOW, SSE Music, Brenengen Auto and Dependable Solutions choose a recipient for the $750 grant. To be considered, fill out the application here.

Dustin Luecke

Dustin Luecke anchors News 19 Daybreak weekday mornings.

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