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La Crosse County investigators helped with Closs case

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – Law enforcement from around the state assisted the Barron County Sheriff’s Department in the Jayme Closs case, including La Crosse area officers.

Two local investigators with the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department went to Barron County to help the investigation. They were assigned to interview neighbors of the Closs family.

La Crosse County Sheriff’s Captain John Zimmerman said, “In law enforcement when you have a substantial case like the Barron County case one hand washes the other you might say. Where Barron County probably doesn’t have the manpower, that’s why they resort to outside agencies to assist. I know there was several agencies that assisted the FBI, Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation and also local departments have sent personnel up.”

Captain Zimmerman said one of the most important parts of the investigation was that the information in this case got out to the public almost immediately. He also said following up on every tip is crucial in a missing persons case.


WXOW’s coverage of the Closs case

Brittany Lake

Daybreak Anchor

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