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Leadership is, in part, about empowering others

La Crosse, WI (WXOW)  Leadership is not about having answers before employees even know the questions.  It’s about getting to know employees, working to remove obstacles from their day so they’re able to provide value for the people they serve.

That’s one message from Altra Federal Credit Union President and CEO Jack Peplinski.

Peplinski spoke during Viterbo University’s Noon Leadership Series.

He says, leadership is also about empowering people and training them to help serve others more effectively.  That philosophy is one reason Altra sponsors the Jefferson Awards.  As you may know, that award is given to people who volunteer time to address significant community needs.

Altra serves more than 103,000 members, and Peplinski is proud of the credit union’s growth.  He gives credit to his team for that success and says, he’s fortunate to lead that group.

After a lot of thought, Peplinski says he’ll retire in April.  It’s simply time, he says, for his next step in life.  Altra has announced Steve Koenen will succeed Peplinski.

Dave Solie

Live at Five anchor

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