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Disposing of unused electronics

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – The Super Bowl is fast approaching and a reminder that if you’re looking to get a new TV to watch the game, your local Goodwill stores can’t take the old ones as donations.

Area Team Leader Brent Sweno said the cost associated with properly disposing TV’s is too high for Goodwill to take on. Sweno said it already costs 26 Goodwill locations in north central Wisconsin roughly $33,000 dollars each year to “e-cycle” electronic items that are not sold.

“Televisions that have hazardous chemicals in them, they just cannot go into a landfill,” Sweno said. “To dispose of them, there is a cost associated with that.”

Older televisions that use cathode ray tubes – or CRT’s – have harmful chemicals that can be released if not properly disposed. For information on how to properly dispose of those, you can find that on the Wisconsin DNR’s website.

Sam Shilts

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